Victoria Beckham blows £1m on Posh shopping spree

Victoria Beckham blows £1m on Posh shopping spree

On her latest visit to Milan - where husband David is currently residing - Victoria Beckham couldn't resist spending an enormous £1 million in the local stores.

The former Spice Girl picked up handbags, shoes, a selection of dresses, twelve pairs of sunglasses, designer luggage and five sofas during the trip.

It wasn't just for herself though. The mum-of-three bought two suits and a £400,000 Rolex for David too.

"I did spend too much. Shopping is like a drug. The more you have the more you want," Victoria said after the spree.

"I would move in to the Via Montenapoleone if I could because when I am in Milan I don't know how to walk past it. It's as if all of those wonderful shops are calling out to me, saying, 'Come and buy me! Come and buy me!''

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Friday January 8, 2010

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