Dame Helen Mirren tired of British villains

Dame Helen Mirren tired of British villains

Oscar winner Dame Helen Mirren says she wishes British actors would stop being cast as baddies.

"I think it's rather unfortunate that the villain in every movie is always British, we're such an easy target that they can comfortably make the Brits the villains," she said.

"It's just nice to say we're not snooty, stuck up, malevolent, malignant creatures as we're so often portrayed. We're actually kind of cool and hip!"

"It's very important to let Americans know that we're not just the royal family, there's a lot more to us than that."

"I love the idiosyncrasy of the British people, I love the eccentric nature of the British people, their boldness in fashion and I think the Brits have a very good eye for taste. They have a very good eye for what's cool and hip and nuts," she laughed.

Thursday April 22, 2010

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