aquarius horoscope 2017

Celebrity Aquarius

Princess Mary of Denmark 05 February 1972

2017 forecast

Dare to think big, because the year ahead will be one of inspiration. It will be a favorable year to make unforgettable trips, write a book, study languages ​​or acquire new skills and knowledge. Trust your ideas and put your brain to work. Expand your views and your horizons. Your philosophy is undergoing a change, and it's time to focus on big goals. However, it will also be a time to get to grips with legal issues and bureaucracies, because you will have to do quite a bit of paperwork. Make sure you protect your rights.

From October onwards, a period of new opportunities will begin that will see improvements to your professional and social situation. Your image and influence in your field will grow. This will be a great opportunity to embark on a new phase in your life. Travel will remain key, as will your ability to reconsider your goals and recycle your skills.