Capricorn forecast for Thursday October 28, 2021

Some people think it's unlucky to be born under a lucky star. They believe that such folk are so blessed that they're oblivious to other people's struggles. Without having known hardship themselves, they can't be empathic. And if, by some cruel twist of fate, their luck shifts, they don't have the resources to cope. Unsurprisingly, no one who thinks this way is actually born under a lucky star! As your ruler links to Venus, you're in luck. After the challenges you've dealt with, you can take full advantage of the cosmic gifts coming your way.

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October 27, 2021

A series of serendipitous moments is inviting you to take the easy option; but you're not convinced you're making the right choice. Although you see the potential benefits, you have reservations. You're a hard-working Capricorn; for you 'easy' doesn't always mean satisfying. You understand the dangers of being blown by the direction of the wind - who knows where you'll end up? Yet today, as Venus and Neptune link, you can afford to go with the flow. You've done enough to ensure success. Relax, and you'll enjoy what life brings today.

October 26, 2021

They say 'a watched pot never boils'. But who, exactly, are 'they'? And why are we so willing to accept the views of an unidentified, unverified authority? Do we ever consider checking to see whether this advice has been put to the test? A professor, who's conducted experiments on how processes are affected by being observed, might have a different opinion. By willing something to happen, you're not slowing down its progress. You might even be speeding it up. What's certain, is that it will feel faster if you're feeling less stressed.

October 25, 2021

The quandary is less how to get what you want than whether you want what you can get. Don't worry if that sounds a little obscure... it's actually supposed to be fluffy! It's easy to become so fixated on a goal that we stop questioning whether it remains the right choice. It's possible that what you think you really want, you don't actually want at all! You might even be better off with what you've already got. So, take advantage of an opportunity to look at what's right in front of you. It might be far more attractive than you think.

Celebrity Capricorn

The Duchess of Cambridge 9 January 1982

October 24, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: 'Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray'. Although Byron was a romantic poet, he also gave pragmatic advice. Just think of how different the world (and our relationships) would be if we all tried to do this. As the Sun moves into a new sign, you'll find it easy to share joy. Actually, it's already in you... looking for a way to express itself. By allowing it to spread, a challenge will be much easier to deal with, and someone important will make you feel happier too.

October 23, 2021

Your Weekly Horoscope: Do any of us have the power to really make a difference? Can one individual have an impact on the world's bleak, dark, pervasive heartlessness? Of course! Anything's possible when we're willing to co-operate with one another... and with fate. A force beyond your understanding is guiding you towards the perfect destination. If something seems wrong, look for the one thing that could just be perfect within it. And when you see this, trust it. 'This is your moment! Make your commitment. Then, do your duty to your destiny!

October 22, 2021

It's unwise (and unhelpful) to think about what life might never bring our way. It's impossible to appreciate what we have when we're dwelling on our fears. In fact, one of the reasons why fate is sometimes reluctant to offer us what we want is that it can't see the point; if we're not going to be able to appreciate it, why bother? If you give thanks, this weekend, for all that's good in your world, you'll be a much more likely recipient of cosmic generosity. There's something wonderful in store for you. Just remember to appreciate and enjoy.

October 21, 2021

We're an easily confused bunch. We start out with the best of intentions, with a clear idea of where we're going and how we're going to get there. We're confident - our plan is well-constructed. We can almost taste victory. Then, something knocks us slightly off course and doubt creeps in. Perhaps we stumble at an unexpected hurdle, remember something we'd forgotten, or find our eye caught by something altogether different. There's nothing wrong with getting distracted today. Something more exciting might come from it.

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