capricorn horoscope 2017

Celebrity Capricorn

The Duchess of Cambridge 09 January 1982

2017 forecast

It’s time to expand your expectations and aspirations. There will be new opportunities to grow professionally and socially this year, but you will have to make big decisions on where you want to go. It will be time to reflect on your role in the world and your social image. Instead of sticking to safe routines, try exploring new possibilities for growth. It will be a good year for negotiating better conditions at work, for starting a new cycle and even discovering a new vocation, even if this involves learning new things or travelling.

But don’t just focus on professional goals or interests.You should also pay attention to your health. You could do with some time out to recover your energy. Otherwise, your body could well give you a sign that it’s at breaking point. Starting in October, it will be a good time to make new friends or participate in teamwork. Your personal relationships will be a good barometer of what you've done lately and how well you've done it.