Gemini forecast for Tuesday August 03, 2021

People who work in the trade industry make their money by buying goods, then selling them at a more expensive price. People involved in assisting traders with their marketing help them to present their purchases so that they look as desirable as possible. And, as long as we all keep on spending, everyone's more or less content. But if our financial systems are based on strange principles, our relationship transactions are even stranger. Don't be tempted to sell yourself short today. Your sense of self-worth is on the up.

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August 02, 2021

Whenever you hear music in a public place, or on the radio, a special licence fee's being paid; it ensures that writers receive payment for their work. Sadly, the rule doesn't extend to drivers who play music at ear-shattering volume with the windows open! Or neighbours' parties. Rules are more flexible than we think. Although you feel as if boundaries are being imposed on you, and that you're unable to speak your truth, they're not as strongly enforced as you imagine. Find your voice today. Your song's worth hearing!

August 01, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Even the best intentions sometimes go awry. How often have you started a big project only to get caught up in minor details as your time ebbs away? Comedian Steven Wright nailed the problem with his witty self-deprecating one-liner: 'I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done'. You have one big task ahead of you - and, even though much good will flow from its completion, you've had trouble getting started and maintaining momentum. This week brings you the creative energy you need, and support from a surprising (and inspiring) source.

July 31, 2021

Your August Monthly Horoscope: If things are supposed to be improving, how come you're still dealing with the same old dramas and challenges? Haven't you already done everything in your power to resolve them? In August, if you can think of another tack to take, try it. If you can't, work on the assumption that your results are fast approaching. They're making their way into your life as speedily as they can and, without being presumptuous; you can (and should) make preparations for their arrival. August's full of delightful surprises.

Celebrity Gemini

Angelina Jolie 4 June 1975

July 30, 2021

Co-operation. Respect. Constructive feedback. Meaningful discussion. We all need (and deserve) each of these. But how often do we receive them? There are too many instances when old grudges, ancient arguments, and sore losers get in the way of productive conversations. Yet, when something needs to change, it's going to change whether we like it or not. At that point, it's up to us to find a way of setting aside differences and working towards harmonious resolutions. You have a chance to achieve that this weekend.

July 29, 2021

The laws of physics suggest that our planet, that spins suspended in space, shouldn't exist. The chances of it being created, with the perfect environment and conditions to support life, are minuscule. And yet, here we are. While some people believe that similar conditions must exist somewhere else in this vast cosmos, they're yet to find much convincing supporting evidence. You're miraculous. So, why shouldn't you expect other miracles to unfold? If you recognise the luck you already have, more will come your way.

July 28, 2021

In these difficult times, when we've all had to reset our holiday expectations, please forgive me for asking you to imagine setting off to an exotic location. You get to the airport, only to find the plane's been delayed. You look at the seats in the waiting area, decide they're too uncomfortable to spend any time in, so decide to give up and go home. Now, back to your life; despite the fact that you're having to choose between less than ideal options, you're heading in the right direction. Don't lose sight of the bigger picture... and persevere.

July 27, 2021

Fairytales are filled with stories about sad, unfortunate princesses who fall under the spells of malicious fairies. The best they can hope for, is a long phase of adversity and misfortune, followed by a series of more pleasing developments until eventually, everything's 'happy ever after'. But don't these tales give an underhand message of submissive acceptance? In your life now, you may feel as if you have no choice other than to accept a particular destiny. As Jupiter prepares to change signs, you can successfully challenge this.