libra horoscope 2017

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2017 forecast

2017 belongs to Libras. The transit of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, takes it through your sign, so it's time to take advantage of the new opportunities that life offers you. It will be an ideal year to take a fresh look at your philosophy to life, your knowledge, beliefs, etc, and, thanks to this favourable planetary transit, fortune will be smiling on you. For example, you will be more likely to travel, start a new career, a new relationship ... It’s time to discover new incentives, to expand your life and to take a decisive step towards happiness and success. Even so, you can’t leave everything to luck. The trouble with Jupiter is that it often promises so much that we rest on our laurels – and this can lead to disappointment. By all means seize any good fortune that comes your way but make sure you bring enthusiasm, commitment and good sense to what you do. In addition, you are still going through a phase during which you have to be very prudent in how you communicate and in personal relationships.

Starting in October, you will also enter a favorable period for finding out valuable secrets. And that may well improve your financial situation.