pisces horoscope 2017

Celebrity Pisces

Daniel Craig 02 March 1968

2017 forecast

You’re going through a long period of major responsibilities that compel you to make complex decisions. And this will continue this year. It is time take a more serious and mature approach to life. You will need to be patient and determined. Don’t give up or feel sorry for yourself. This a long-distance race that requires effort and perseverence. Your professional life, your image and even your health may be at stake. You need to be ready to start anew and know how to focus on what’s important because now is the time to build your future. There will be big changes in your finances, especially the shared ones, such as your relations with banks, insurance, wills... It will be time to negotiate in these areas.

However, starting in October, everything will change. Solutions and new opportunities will appear as if by magic. Everything will become clearer and you will have a new zest for life. Travel and learning new skills will become very important.