Taurus forecast for Wednesday October 21, 2020

Have you ever watched people with metal detectors at work? They move along the beach in search of buried treasures, waiting for the beeping sound that tells them that there's something hidden in the stones and sand. Life is a bit like that. When we're young, we set out for the open road, hoping to find our fortune. After a while, we realise there are more empty drink cans than diamond rings. Yet, your inner detection system is working well today. You can find something precious.

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October 20, 2020

Since we don't choose when we come to planet Earth, or when we leave, it's easy to think of ourselves as being slaves to time; bound to march to the beat of its unrelenting rhythm. No wonder we sometimes feel ineffective in the face of its force. Yet, we do have some power over it. Depending on how we think, respond, and act, we're able to slow it down, or speed it up. With retrograde Mercury connecting to innovative Uranus, you can affect the outcome of an important process today.

October 19, 2020

Some people earn their money by advising their clients about potential problems. They tell them what they 'should' be doing, and warn them about the perils of failing to follow their advice. 'If you'd only done that, you'd have avoided this difficult issue; but you can get away with your mistake as long as you blame your action on such and such.' As your ruler, Venus, links with Jupiter, you find yourself in a more powerful position. Don't let anyone dissuade you from following your own plan.

October 18, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: One of the main lessons we've learned, and continue to learn in these challenging times, is that time is more important than money. This is not to trivialise how tough it has been for many whose finances have been stretched to their limit. But when a moment has passed, it has gone forever. How have you been investing your time recently? Although binge-watching box sets (or similar distraction therapy) is comforting, the cosmos encourages you to be innovative this week. You can change your world.

Celebrity Taurus

George Clooney 6 May 1961

October 17, 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope: Even down-to-earth, sceptical people have superstitious tendencies. We're human after all; we have a natural inclination to create and attach ourselves to all sorts of strange concepts and unusual ideas with innocent enthusiasm. I mention this because this week, if you find yourself under pressure to accept someone's assessment of a situation, you don't have to buy into it. The unusual cosmic climate indicates that, by freeing yourself from an inhibiting viewpoint, you'll find success.

October 16, 2020

When an issue is being debated, there's a time when one side has won but the other side won't give up. The argument continues, as someone fights for a cause that has already been lost. But what happens if the actual point of the debate was, in itself, an argument or a heated discussion? The important thing to hold onto this weekend, is that a long, drawn out process is reaching its closing argument. As you already know deep down, you've clinched this. There will soon be a reason to celebrate.

October 15, 2020

What is the pinnacle of human achievement? Fame? Power? Wealth? Although these qualities are glorified by social media, when we think about the price of fame, we know that it's not worth more than friendship... and that money's less valuable than love. Give and take, and the art of compromise, are gifts you're able to share. As we approach the New Moon, the most valuable thing you can do is to put your own needs to the side and encourage someone else's belief in themselves.

October 14, 2020

Long before the Star Wars film franchise, people believed that the 'force' was with them. Or, that with the blessing of one divinity or another, they were empowered to do great things. From fairies to leprechauns, we summon all sorts of spirits to help us when we feel vulnerable and need protection. When things are rolling along, it's easy to ridicule such behaviour. Yet today, as the Sun connects with Mars, if you wave your metaphorical wand, you can work some magic.

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