This is the cutest pregnancy time lapse video you'll ever see

Emmy Griffiths

Armands Alps and his wife Dace, along with their adorable daughter, decided to record Dace's pregnancy with her second child in the most creative of ways – by creating a time-lapse video with around 500 photos.

The pair made their first pregnancy time-lapse video back in 2013, and continued the tradition with the video which begins with Armands and their daughter pretending to magically build a tree in seconds before they 'decide' to grow Dace's tummy. Dace then stood in the exact same position as her tummy grows in what seems like seconds as their living room clutter changes around them, with her daughter and husband occasionally springing into shot to surprise her with flowers and rub her feet!

At one point, they hold signs reading '50%', revealing how much time has passed. They continue the stop-motion video while on holiday before Dace pretends to blow up a huge yellow balloon which pops to reveal her holding their newborn baby, with a sign reading: "Before you know three turns into four."

Viewers were quick to praise the adorable video, with one writing: "Congratulations on the newest addition to the family!!! Very creative video making," while another added in Latvian: "I still remember the wonderful first video, really overjoyed when I saw this video recommended."

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