A life in pictures: remembering Hollywood legend Tony Curtis


Tony Curtis was one of the last great stars from Hollywood's golden age. In a stellar career that spanned more than half a century, the 85-year-old worked alongside some of cinema's biggest icons – from Marilyn Monroe to Sidney Poitier – and earned himself an Oscar nomination, and numerous plaudits, in the process.

And so, with the sad news that the actor passed away at his home in Nevada at the grand age of 85, hellomagazine.com takes a look back over the life of a true entertainer.

Born Bernard Schwartz to Hungarian immigrant parents in the Bronx on June 3, 1925, Tony was the eldest of three children. Unable to speak English until the age of four, he left school as a teen to join the US Navy during WWII before taking up acting classes upon his return to New York 


Farewell to one of the last great stars from Hollywood's golden age


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