Libra forecast for Monday March 01, 2021

The experience of being in lockdown has underpinned the fact that few people have more power to frustrate and aggravate us (or more motivation) than our nearest and dearest. Even a slight disagreement can lead to a disharmonious household; and it takes some expert peace-keeping to get things back on track. I'm not implying that such a possibility is about to present itself in your life. But, the legacy of the Full Moon highlights a need to be aware of certain sensitivities and tread carefully.

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February 28, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Does the advent of modern 'cyclonic' vacuum cleaners mean that old-fashioned brushes risk becoming things of the past? The advantage of manual sweeping is that if there's only a small bit of dust, it can easily be swept away out of sight. The problem, is that the pile up can eventually create a hazard! When problems are 'swept under the carpet' it's only ever a temporary, cosmetic solution. You've been delaying addressing a key issue... and it's about to trip you (or someone else) up. The Full Moon energy enables you to dust away a cobweb and polish off a problem.

February 27, 2021

Your March Monthly Horoscope: A helpful discussion will do much to put your mind at rest in March. Someone holds the key to a problem you're trying to resolve. This information isn't a secret, nor is it being purposefully withheld. All you have to do is ask the right person the right question. Or maybe, you don't even have to go that far. It may well be sufficient just to raise the right topic. The Sun's links with your ruler ensure that what naturally evolves from a series of conversations will prove extremely useful and revealing.

February 26, 2021

We're surrounded by experts. They tell us what can and can't be done, what is or isn't likely, and what will or won't work. Rather than trust in our own judgment, we defer to theirs. Are they ever wrong? Well, there are experts and then there are expert experts! They don't always agree. Really, we could do with some expert, expert experts to help us be sure about which experts we listen to! In the absence of such available guidance, have confidence in your own expertise this weekend.

Celebrity Libra

Kim Kardashian West 21 October 1980

February 25, 2021

What kind of day lies ahead? Why don't we mix things up a little: instead of me telling you, why don't you tell me? I do realise that, as your astrologer, you're expecting me to answer those kinds of questions. Yet, as the recipient of my advice, you're the one in charge of your response. One thing that seems obvious, from this exchange, is that disagreements over duties, rights, and responsibilities can come out of nowhere. Your only duty, today, is to make clear and positive decisions.

February 24, 2021

Some people are born with immaculate timing. They have an almost miraculous knack of saying - or doing - the perfect thing at the perfect moment. How do they manage it? Well, one thing's for sure, it's not by throwing themselves at every opportunity that presents itself. They weigh things up. They wait. And then, when they spot something with real potential, they give it their all. Today, the cosmos presents an opportunity to be that person. Bide your time, but stay alert to a real opportunity.

February 23, 2021

The tastes that we acquire over time often turn out to be the ones we find most satisfying. When we like something because we've always liked it, it might not mean much. It's different when we've had to learn to love a specific experience. By making an effort to teach ourselves how to appreciate something, even if it involves going beyond an initial urge to reject it, we form an affinity that can become a passion. The cosmos is nudging you to think again about what you do and don't like.

February 22, 2021

Although IQ tests are a well-known measure of intelligence, they don't take other valuable attributes, such as imagination, into consideration. It's easy to test our ability to make deductions from information that exists, but not even the smartest brains in the business have devised a test that considers our ability to see what doesn't exist and then bring it into being. If you take advantage of the cosmic encouragement, you can use your imaginative capacities to great effect today.

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