cancer horoscope 2017

Celebrity Cancer

Benedict Cumberbatch 19 July 1976

2017 forecast

Home Sweet Home! That’s your motto for the year ahead, and it will be time to adopt a new philosophy to family and home life. It will be the perfect year to think about where and how you want to live, about your house or about the rights and duties of each member of the family. Take the opportunity to decorate your house, paint it to your liking or revamp your own a lifestyle. It will also be a great year for unforgettable family holidays.

However, this will also be a year when you have to tackle things you’d been putting off for too long. It’s time to act decisively and with determination, particularly on certain habits which may affect your health.

But it won’t all be about family and obligations. From October you will embark on an extraordinarily creative period that will bring rewards, both material and spiritual. It will be also a great time for love and sexual relationships.