I live at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak in Spain and I'm urging Brits to stay home

The city is under strict coronavirus lockdown

Aisha Nozari

Isabella Peñaranda, who works for HELLO! in the Spanish capital, has shared with us a third emotional video as she spends another week in lockdown. On Monday, Boris Johnson ordered the UK public that they must stay at home – and in this instalment, Isabella speaks of the importance of following government advice as well as revealing the sad death of a family member. 

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Also on Monday, Spain announced that it would remain in a state of alarm for another two weeks, however, Isabella points out that this is likely to be extended yet again.

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But amidst all the chaos and uncertainty, Madrid remains resilient, as you're about to see in Isabella's incredible video that captures residents taking to their balconies for ten-minute parties each evening.

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